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EPro8 Challenge

Thanks to the following event sponsors for supporting the Waikato / Bay of Plenty season of the EPro8 Challenge

Hamilton - Year 9-10Hamilton - Heat 1Hamilton - Heat  2
Hamilton - Heat 3ThamesTauranga - Heat 1
Tauranga - Heat 2Rotorua - Heat 1Rotorua - Heat 2

2019 Waikato / Bay of Plenty Events

Year 5-6Year 7-8Year 9-10Year 11-13 

Year 5-6

HamiltonMarian Catholic School2 May 9:30 AM
HamiltonMarian Catholic School3 May 9:30 AM
HamiltonMaeroa Intermediate9 May 9:30 AM
HamiltonMaeroa Intermediate10 May 9:30 AM
Te AwamutuTe Awamutu Intermediate16 May 9:30 AM
HuntlyKimihia School17 May 9:30 AM
ThamesParawai School23 May 9:30 AM
ThamesParawai School24 May 9:30 AM
TaurangaBethlehem School31 May 9:30 AM
TaurangaWelcome Bay School5 Jun 1:00 PM
TaurangaWelcome Bay School6 Jun 9:30 AM
KatikatiKatikati College7 Jun 9:30 AM
RotoruaRotorua Intermediate13 Jun 9:30 AM
RotoruaRotorua Intermediate13 Jun 5:00 PM
RotoruaRotorua Intermediate14 Jun 9:30 AM
TaupoTaupo Intermediate19 Jun 9:30 AM
TaupoTaupo Intermediate20 Jun 9:30 AM
MatamataMatamata Intermediate21 Jun 9:30 AM
Semifinal 1Kaitao Intermediate27 Jun 9:30 AM
Semifinal 2Katikati College28 Jun 9:30 AM
Semifinal 3Maeroa Intermediate4 Jul 9:30 AM
Semifinal 4Morrinsville Intermediate5 Jul 9:30 AM
Grand FinalMatamata Intermediate24 Jul 12:00 PM

Year 7-8

HamiltonMarian Catholic School1 May 5:00 PM
HamiltonMarian Catholic School2 May 5:00 PM
HamiltonMaeroa Intermediate8 May 5:00 PM
HamiltonMaeroa Intermediate9 May 5:00 PM
Te AwamutuTe Awamutu Intermediate16 May 1:00 PM
HuntlyKimihia School17 May 1:00 PM
ThamesParawai School23 May 1:00 PM
ThamesParawai School24 May 1:00 PM
TaurangaBethlehem School30 May 5:00 PM
KatikatiKatikati College6 Jun 5:00 PM
RotoruaRotorua Intermediate12 Jun 5:00 PM
RotoruaRotorua Intermediate13 Jun 5:00 PM
TaupoTaupo Intermediate18 Jun 5:00 PM
TaupoTaupo Intermediate19 Jun 5:00 PM
MatamataMatamata Intermediate20 Jun 5:00 PM
Semifinal 1Kaitao Intermediate26 Jun 5:00 PM
Semifinal 2Katikati College27 Jun 5:00 PM
Semifinal 3Maeroa Intermediate3 Jul 5:00 PM
Semifinal 4Morrinsville Intermediate4 Jul 5:00 PM
Grand FinalMatamata Intermediate24 Jul 4:00 PM

Year 9-10

HamiltonSt Paul's Collegiate School14 Mar 5:00 PM
HamiltonSt Paul's Collegiate School15 Mar 9:30 AM

The Waikato Year 9-10 events are being run as part of the Auckland Year 9-10 season.  The top teams from each heat will qualify to be part of one of the Auckland semifinals.