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EPro8 Comprehensive Electronics Kit
New for 2024, we are launching the EPro8 Comprehensive Electronics Kit!

The Comprehensive Electronics Kit contains most of the electronics components used at the EPro8 inter-school events.  You can now use your school's EPro8 Equipment to complete a wide range of interesting contraptions.

Control your contraptions with light sensors, rams, motors, buzzers, lights, lasers, basic control blocks and much much more.
Limited Stock Now Available
What you Get

We want your students to have a good experience with their electronics, so this equipment is being built to industrial grade quality.  

We have focused on making the equipment the best quality we can using the highest quality parts.
The EPro8 Electronics Expansion Kit is fully compatable with your EPro8 Construction Equipment.

Your EPro8 Electronics Expansion Kit opens up a lot more of our challenges to be ones that your students can now undertake at your school:
  • Space Invaders
  • Elevator
  • Hovercraft
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Crazy Juice Contraption
  • Mars Rover
  • Automated Shopping Trolley
  • Robotic Creature
  • Netball Balloon
  • Concert Stage and Rigging
  • Roller Coaster
  • Rube Goldberg Contraption

Note: the final list of challenges is yet to be determined.

Each step of the challenges will contain a code to enter on the electronics simulator.  This will show a model answer.  

Students will be able to test our solution using the simulator, and then copy this circuit to their actual build.

We now have limtied stock available for immediate dispatch.

Order Now
We have focussed on producing a quality resource for your school.  
There are two options available:

EPro8 Comprehensive Electronics Kit
Contains ALL items listed on this page
$2790 excl GST

EPro8 Electronics Expansion Kit
This is the comprehensive kit MINUS the components in the electronics starter kit.  
The storage case contains some empty slots to transfer the contents from one of your EPro8 Electronics Starter Kits.
$2090 excl GST

There are two options:
  • The EPro8 Electronics Expansion Kit
  • The EPro8 Comprehensive Electronics Kit

EPro8 Electronics Expansion Kit
The EPro8 Electronics Expansion Kit is the comprehensive kit MINUS the components in the electronics starter kit.   The storage case contains some empty slots to transfer the contents from one of your EPro8 Electronics Starter Kits.

The EPro8 Comprehensive Electronics Kit contains:
12V Battery Pack
  • Quality rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • On/Off Button to power up your circuit.
  • Fuse protection.  If students short circuit their electronics or jam a motor then the battery's fuse will immediately cut power.  This is a critical health and safety component.
  • Battery Management System for extra safety and protection.
  • The battery is sized so it can provide the power to deliver any future EPro8 project.

2  x  Quality EPro8 Challenge Motors
  • Built in gearbox reduces the motors speed to a safe manageable speed of 80rpm.
  • Easy attachment bracket to EPro8 Construction Equipment.
  • 20 tooth gear to match the gear in your EPro8 Construction Equipment.
2  x  Motor control (Direction) modules
  • Forward and Reverse inputs.
  • Quality automative relays to ensure durability.

2  x  MR 16 Lights
  • A quality 3 Watt MR16 LED light.
  • Mounted using an EPro8 bracket and colour-coded sockets.
  • This light is bright enough to create a spotlight at the other end of a school hall.

2  x  Push Buttons
  • Quality industrial grade stainless steel buttons.
  • Housed in an EPro8 bracket.

  • A total of 40 cables using our customised colour-coding system.
  • Students only need to match colours in order to construct a basic circuit
  • 1 metre long.

Laser Sensor
  • An integrated module containing a laser and sensor.  
  • Triggers when the laser beam is broken up to 500mm away.
  • Example: When a cat breaks the laser beam.

Ram (Linear Actuator)
  • 100mm in and out movement.
  • Trigger to drive extend.
  • Retracts when no trigger.
  • Example: Use the ram to reveal the cat food.

2  x  On / Off Control Modules
  • Use for basic logic controls
  • Can be linked to create a basic sequence
  • Example:  Keep the ram extended (ON) even if the beam is no longer broken.

Time Delay Module
  • Add a time delay to your logic.  
  • Easy to set delay between 0 and 10 seconds.
  • Example:  After 10 seconds, turn the ram OFF to withdraw the cat food.

  • Propel objects using air movement.  
  • Example:  Turn the fan on to blow away any food crumbs.

Light Sensor
  • Control your circuits based on if it is light or dark.  
  • Pre-tuned for maximum ease of use.
  • Example: If it is dark then lock the cat door.

2  x  Limit Switches
  • 100mm long spring arm limit switches.
  • Used to detect position or when an object has hit it.
  • Example:  Use the limit switch to detect if the cat door is open.

NOT Logic Module
  • Add more interesting logic to your circuit.  
  • Example:  If the cat door is NOT open then...

2  x  Multiboxes
  • 10 way multibox for tidy cabling to the power supply (battery).  
  • Red (Positive) and Black (Negative).

  • Use to create an alarm, warning or "musical" beat.
  • Example:  sound the buzzer to call the well trained cat home.

  • Toggle switch.

24  x  Cable Joiners
  • Join your cables to make extra long cables.
  • Matches the cable colour coding scheme.

Battery Charger

Quality Packaging
In order to protect your investment, the equipment is stored in an extremenly high quality and durable storage case.
This displays the equipment in a way that is appealing to students.

100 Spare Fuses
Additional fuses can be purchased for $20 per 100 from the spares order form.

Sensors and Modules to control your contraptions

Industrial Grade Quality

Delivery from
April 2024

Fully compatable with you EPro8 Constuction Equipment

Over 40 hours of Classroom Resources

Online Turtorials for all Challenges
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