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Getting Started

Students must complete this activity before attempting any other activities.

In this tutorial we will guide you through building a basic frame, and show you how to use all the different pieces of equipment.

Electronics Starter Kit

Learn how to motorise your contraption with the EPro8 Electronics Starter Kit.


Comprehensive Electronics Kit

Learn how to use all the equipment in EPro8 Comprehensive Electronics Kit.

Fire Engine

Construct a fire engine and its ladder.

Build a mechanism for raising and lowering the ladder.

Measurement, Leverage, Electronics, Logic.

Burglar Alarm

Build a spring loaded alarm system.

Trigger this when a window is opened or with a trip rope.

Pimp your alarm using laser beams and mirrors.

Pulleys, Mechanisms, Problem Solving, Electronics

Caveman Car

Build a rubber band powered caveman vehicle.

Modify the vehicle to achieve extra speed and distance.

Energy, Measuement, Practical Mathematics


Construct a bridge that can cross a 2.5m wide river.

Use bracing to make the bridge rigid and capable of carrying a 2kg test vehicle.

Add traffic light to control the flow of vehicles over the bridge.

Structures, Bracing, Measurement, Electronics

Robotic Guard Dog

Build a guard dog shape.

Ropes make its jaws hinge and tail wag.

Motorise it and have it triggered to bark when a burglar breaks a laser beam.

Structures and Mechanisms, Electronics, Problem Solving

Royal Wave

Construct the Royal Limousine, with an arm that waves automatically.

Make the arm wave as the limousine is pushed along the ground.

Make the arm wave extra fast

Mechanisms, Gearbox, Electronics

Crowd Size

You have a drone photo of the a massive concert in your town.

Build frames to experiment with crowd density.

Use practical maths to estimate the number of people in the crowd.

Practical Maths, Measurement, Problem Solving

Storm Proof Dog Kennel

Construct a dog kennel that can withstand floods, rain and hurricane forced winds.

It will have a flood level alarm and a drawbridge that will automatically close when it is flooding outside.

Structures, Bracing, Measurement, Leverage, Electronics

Party Popper

Design a contraption that can automatically fire a sequence of party poppers.

Use ropes and pulleys so that the party poppers can be fired in multiple directions.

Pulleys, Problem solving, Electronics

Helicopter Rescue

Suspend a model helicopter from a giant rig using four ropes.

Using only the ropes, work as a team to control the helicopter.

Teamwork, Geometry, Measurement, Problem Solving, Structures, Angles

Secret Agent

Develop a code that can be used to send a message using a pattern of long and short signals.

Construct a mechical and an electrical system for sending these signals.

Patterns, Electronics, Problem Solving, Communication

Flood the Room

Use you EPro8 equipment to work out how long it will take to flood the entire room.

Practical Maths, Measurement, Problem Solving


Build a crane that can lift a weight to a height of 1.8m.

Use pulleys to make it easier to lift the weight.

Motorise the crane for automated operation.

Structures, Pulley Theory, Electronics

Rope Swing

Build a swing

Experiment with what effects the speed of the swing

Graph your results.

Structures, Experimental Method, Practical Maths, Measurement, Graph


Build a real-life Pac-Man, who's jaws open and shut as the Pac-Man moves along the ground.

Mechanisms, Structure, Electronics.


Build a gear box that can speed up or slow down an arm.

Think about the maths and ratios behind a gearbox

Mechanisms, Practical Maths, Rations

Laser Tracking

Use a torch and a magnifying glass to create a spotlight.

Build a motorised stand that can control the direction of the beam.

Use this to track a meteor.

Optics, Mechanics, Electronics, Angles, Practical Maths

Fishing Rod

Build a fishing rod.

Modify the reel to wind the rope in extra fast.

Design a sensor to automatically detect when you have caught a fish

Mechanisms, Gearbox, Pulleys, Electronics

Rowing Machine

Construct a rowing machine using a weight as resistance.

Different combinations of pulleys will make it easy and difficult to lift the one weight.

Pulleys, Weights, Measurements

Drum Machine

Construct a drum kit, and a drum machine that can play the drums as a handle is turned.

Add a gearbox so it can play a very fast drum roll.

Mechanisms, Electronics, Problem Solving


Take the classic party game, and turn it into a crazy EPro8 style contraption.

The contraption will have fail alarm, automatic level adjustment and scoring.

Measurement, Pulleys, Problem Solving, Electronics

Wind Powered Crane

You live on top of a windy cliff, and want to use a wind powered crane to lift items of varying weight.

Mechanisms, Gearbox, Experimentation, Practical Mathematics.

Bungy Jump

Construct a Bungy Jump Platform

Experiment with rubber bands to achieve the ultimate rebound

Structures, Experimental Method, Measurement, Graph

Air Freight

We are sending some EPro8 Equipment to Mongolia.

Build a set of scales to find the weight of the equipment.

Calculate what it will cost to air freight these items to Mongolia.

Balance, Leverage, Weights and Measurements, Practical Maths

Flying Fox

Build two towers and a flying fox to access your house on the other side of a river.

Motorise the flying fox so you can come and go in either direction

Pulleys, Forces, Vectors, Mechanisms, Structures, Electronics

Ball Sorting

Build a contraption that can sort balls into different containers.

Problem solving, measurements, weights

Conveyor Belt

Use you EPro8 equipment plus a bike inner tube to build a high speed conveyor belt

Mechanisms, Gearbox, Electronics, Practical Mathematics.

Up Up and Away

From the classic movie, use your EPro8 equipment to calculate how many helium balloons it will take to lift a small child or a house.

Practical Maths, Measurement, Problem Solving

Pinball Machine

Construct a real life pinball machine, complete with launching mechanism, paddles, obstacles and scoring.

Mechanisms, Experimentation, Problem Solveing, Electronics.


Construct vehcile that can make a balloon hover and move.

Mechanisms, Experimentation, Problem Solveing, Electronics.

Space Invaders

Bring the classic arcade game to life.

Mechanisms, Problem Solveing, Electronics.

Activity has optional parts for using your electronics starter kit
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