Round Two Challenge - EPro8 Challenge

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EPro8 Challenge - Lockdown Edition
Round 1 Results, Round 2 Challenges
Round 2 Challenge
The Challenge
Your team will be emailed a top secret code.  This email will advise if your team is in the main category or the repercharge.

Teams who's bridges missed on on the main category can still complete the Round Two challenge in the repercharge.
Rules and Details
The rules and details for the EPro8 Challenge - Lockdown Edition can be read here:
EPro8 Holiday Edition
With the EPro8 Holiday Edition, you can have EPro8 activities for your family all summer long.
Answers to Questions
Keep an eye on this page.  We will publish the answers to any questions here.

The ball must be airborne for the drop.  Rolling down a track is not a drop.
Submissions for the round two challenge are now closed.
Make sure you come visit the round two results page on Monday 13th September at 7:00pm to find out which teams have qualified for the EPro8 Challenge - Lockdown Edition - Grand Final.
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