EPro8 Challenge

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The EPro8 Challenge is the inter-school science and engineering competition.  Every year over 25,000 students from throughout New Zealand take part.
Students participate in a series of events: firstly within their school and then inter-school.  
These events are designed to promote science, engineering and problem solving.
EPro8 Internal Series

The EPro8 Challenge starts with an internal series that teachers run within their own school.  
We will loan your school a classroom lot of equipment (if required), provide you with challenges, teacher's instructions, certificates and access to the live scoring system.

Each Classroom will have access to the loan equipment for half a day.  This is enough time to practice, then to run an EPro8 Classroom Event.

The top teams from each classroom then take part in the EPro8 School Final.

The Internal Series is not required for secondary schools.  Year 9-10 and year 11-13 teams can enter the inter-school events directly.
EPro8 Inter-School Events

The top teams from each internal event qualify for the inter-school heats.  Each heat will have twelve teams from schools throughout your region complete a variety of science and engineering based challenges.  The top teams qualify for the regional grand final.

Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Waikato/Bay of Plenty also have a semifinal round.

Teams of four students will compete for the title of their regions EPro8 Challenge Champion.
School Resources
Purchasing EPro8 equipment for your school will allow your students to do EPro8 activities throughout the year.
New for 2024
Comprehensive Electronics Kit
The Comprehensive Electronics Kit contains most of the electronics components used at the EPro8 inter-school events.  You can now use your school's EPro8 Equipment to complete a wide range of interesting contraptions.

Control your contraptions with light sensors, rams, motors, buzzers, lights, lasers, basic control blocks and much much more.
EPro8 Construction Equipment
The EPro8 Construction Equipment contains:
  • 24kg of quality resources - over 450 parts
  • 60 hours of classroom resources
  • Full access to an online electronics simulator
  • Extensive online tutorials showing solutions to the challenges
EPro8 Electronics Starter Kit
EPro8 Classroom Week
The EPro8 Classroom Week is a week long STEAM programme for the whole of you classroom.

The EPro8 Classroom Week includes:
  • Loan of extra EPro8 School Equipment - so a whole classroom of your students can take part at the same time
  • A week long intensive STEAM curriculum
  • 32 activity workbooks - one for each of your students
  • Includes reading, writing and practical maths elements
  • The week culminates in an EPro8 Internal Event
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