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EPro8 Challenge

Coaching and Preparation

In order to prepare your teams for the EPro8 Challenge it is recommended that teams attempt the electronics simulator and the measurement practice module.

This is a game format, allowing students to practice using the same electronics equipment that they use in the EPro8 Challenge.  It is at  This will give teams a bit more confidence with the electronics. 

We use measurements a lot in the [event name].  I have attached a copy of our new measurement module, which is designed as some fun activities to give teams more confidence in measurements and also more commonsense in terms of knowing if their measurements make sense.

Measurement Practice

We have developed some mock challenges, but these are completely OPTIONAL.  The mock challenges use equipment that is readily available locally (as opposed to the special equipment they will be using during the event).  They still follow the same format as the EPro8 Challenge

The scope of these practice challenges is less than the main event (for example none of the practice challenges use motors or electronics)

Schools can now pre-order basic sets of equipment for 2020 - so don't get carried away on purchasing equipment for the practice challenges this year.

Mock Challenges - Set A

Mock Challenges - Set B

Mock Challenges - Set C