How to Prepare - EPro8 Challenge

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Coaching and Preparation
In order to prepare your teams for the EPro8 Challenge it is recommended that teams attempt the electronics simulator and the measurement practice module.

This is a game format, allowing students to practice using the same electronics equipment that they use in the EPro8 Challenge.  
This is available free on the EPro8 Challenge website.  
Using the simulator will give teams a bit more confidence with the electronics.

We use measurements a lot in the EPro8 Challenge.  Our measurement module is designed as some fun activities to give teams more confidence in measurements and also more commonsense in terms of knowing if their measurements make sense.

EPro8 School Equipment
The best way of preparing for this event is to use your EPro8 School Equipment.
There are 30 activities available, making over 60 hours of classroom activities.

If your school doesn't own a set of EPro8 School Equipment, the $1,100 per school subsidy is still available.
Full details are available here
Non-Equipment Challenges
We have a three sets of mock challenges use equipment that is readily available locally (as opposed to the EPro8 School Equipment).  
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