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EPro8 Challenge

Delivery Update

With the Covid 19 lockdown now over, our factory is in full swing getting the equipment sets assembled and sent out.  The first sets of equipment have now been sent out.

660 schools have ordered the equipment.  To give you an idea of scale: it will be about 40 pallet loads of equipment that we will be sending out.

It will take about six weeks to clear this back log.  The equipment will be sent in order of the date paid - so the schools that pre-ordered and paid in 2019 will receive their delivery first.  We aim to have all deliveries finished by the end of term 2..

EPro8 School Equipment and Resources

Over 75% of schools taking part in the EPro8 Challenge have ordered the EPro8 School Equipment and Resources. 

Many more students in your school can now be exposed to these activities.  The EPro8 Challenge is no longer a one off event.  Students can now undertake these activities throughout the entire year.

We are currently in the middle of having over 40 pallet loads of equipment manufactured and producing the quality resources and activities too accompany the equipment.

Example Activities


$1,100 Subsidy Per School

We want as many schools as possible to have access to the EPro8 School Equipment.

To achieve this, we have worked with our sponsors and suppliers to secure a $1,100 subsidy per school

The subsidy is ONLY available to schools that take part in the inter-school competition in 2020.

What You Get


The set includes:

  • 60 lengths of aluminium
  • Wheels
  • Pulleys
  • Axles
  • Large Gears
  • Small Gears
  • Tools
  • Joiners
  • Rope
  • Bolts and Wing Nuts
  • Reel

Some challenges will require the use of some additional resources that schools will have easy access to locally (such as balloons, card, rubber bands).


The equipment purchase is a one-off expense.  Provided your school keeps taking part in the inter-school competition there is no ongoing cost for using the electronics simulator and the online tutorials


  • 20kg of Quality Resources - Over 450 Parts
  • 40 hours of classroom resources
  • Full access to online electronics simulator
  • Extensive online tutorials showing solutions to the challenges


30 different challenges will be available to download.  These include:

  • Giant swing
  • Flying fox
  • Mars rover
  • Grandfather Clock
  • Party Popper Contraption
  • Scales


These tutorials will show a model answer for each challenge, including an explanation of the engineering principals behind each challenge 


In order to keep the cost down, the electronics are done online using the EPro8 Electronics Simulator.

For example, if you are completing the crane challenge then you will build a crane, and use the crank handle to make a manual crane.

The challenge cards will have a code on them.  Enter the code on the online simulator.  This will unlock a virtual crane on the simulator that you can then wire up.


Digital Curriculum Ready

The Digital Curriculum is more than just using computers.  It is a way of thinking.  Of breaking a complex task down into parts.  The EPro8 Challenge School Kit is perfect for this.  The challenge cards are designed with the Digital Curriculum thinking in mind.

Order Now


Each EPro8 Challenge School Kit is $1790, but with your $1,100 subsidy your FIRST kit is only $690. 

This cost includes Freight and GST.

Multiple kits can be purchased but there is only one subsidy per school.


We are currently clearing our backlog of schools that pre-ordered.  Additional orders will be delivered in late June 2020.



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