Registration and Pricing - EPro8 Challenge

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How to Register
For each age group, select:
  • The format of internal event that you want
  • The number of internal events
  • How many teams you want to send to the event series
  • Which event at the event series you would like.

Note: Year 9-10 and Year 11-13 competitions don't require the internal event first.

EPro8 Internal Event

FormatIncluding Equipment HireExcluding Equipment Hire
EPro8 Classroom Week$950$350
EPro8 School Week$1250$550
EPro8 Internal Event Only$360$180

Click here for details of each option.

EPro8 Inter-School Events

 •  Heats $120 per team
 •  Semi-Final $120 per team (where applicable)
 •  Grand Final $120 per team

Step 1 - School Details
School Details

Contact Details
Your Details

Secondary Contact

Accounts Contact

Event Details
Year 5-6
Inter-School Event: $120 per team

Year 7-8

Year 9-10

Year 11-13

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