Round Three Challenge - EPro8 Challenge

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EPro8 Challenge - Lockdown Edition
Round 2 Results, Round 3 Challenge
Round 3 Challenge
The Equipment
Round Three of the EPro8 Challenge Lockdown Edition won't be using A4 paper.  Instead, you will be using a set of EPro8 School Equipment.
For Auckland teams, we will courier you a set of equipment to use for a weekend.
We will email you for delivery details for the equipment.

For schools in the rest of the country, we will liase with your school to borrow their equipment for a weekend (after all, you are trying to win them an EPro8 Electronics Starter Kit).
Time Frame
The challenge will be completed in the weekend of 25 & 26 September.  For teams that we are loaning equipment to, this will be couriered to arrive just before this.
EPro8 Holiday Edition
With the EPro8 Holiday Edition, you can have EPro8 activities for your family all summer long.
The Challenge
The teams who have qualified for the EPro8 Challenge Lockdown Edition Grand Final have now been emailed the grand final challenge.
The challenge is not shown here as some teams will be completing the challenge the follwoing weekend, and in the interest of fairness, the challenge has not been reveled to those teams yet.
Please check your email to see what the garnd final challenge is.
Submissions for the EPro8 Challenge Lockdown Edition Grand Final are now closed.
The prizegiving will be Monday 4 October at 7:00pm.
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