Round One Challenge - EPro8 Challenge

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EPro8 Challenge - Lockdown Edition - Launch
Briefing & Introduction
The Challenge
Download the challenge cards for the EPro8 Challenge - Lockdown Edition here:
Rules and Details
The rules and details for the EPro8 Challenge - Lockdown Edition can be read here:
Spread the Word
It will be great to have as many students as family as possible taking part.  
Please help us by spreading the word (who knows, you may be able to claim bragging rights against your friends).
Answers to Questions
We have had some great questions about the bridge challenge. It is great to hear you are thinking about creative ways of solving this challenge.  So that everyone had the same information, here is a list of clarification answers.

Can the bridge have pillars? No. The challenge says the bridge spans between the two chairs.  This means there can't be pillars

The bridge is just held up by the chairs. The chairs can't provide any of the strength for the bridge. The test for this is that the bridge can be picked up with one hand.

It must be a ream of standard A4 paper. You can't substitute with newspaper, card, or any other sized paper.  This ensure all teams have a consistent size, quality and quantity of paper.

Tools (like scissors) can be used for building the bridge, but can't be part of the final structure.

Finally, the submission date and time is incorrect on the last page of the challenge card. It should say Sunday 5th September at 8:00pm.  Let me know if there are issues with having A4 paper delivered. If lots of teams have issues with having this delivered then we can extend the time.

Submissions are now closed
Winners Announcement
To find out who the round one winners are, and who has qualified for the second round, come on Monday 6 September at 7:00pm.
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