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EPro8 Challenge

Corporate Events

The EPro8 Challenge is the ultimate team building opportunity for your organisation
(tell your boss that so he will pay).

We are running these events to help cover the cost of the events we run in schools, so your support is much appreciated.

We can accommodate up to 12 teams of four.  These can be all from your organisation, or you could challenge your suppliers and customers to take part.

This is perfect as an end of year function for your staff. 


You will be based at a workstation containing a variety of easy to use equipment. From here you will have 2 1/2 hours to complete a variety of interesting science and engineering based challenges. These will be the same challenges as the school events. This will give you confidence that your staff should be able to acheive the challenges well. The event takes on average 3 hours including an instruction briefing. As a 3 hour event this becomes great value for money.  


But I Am Not An Engineer

If we can get school students to suceed then we are confident that your teams will do great as well.
Some of the challenges are easy and some are harder.  There are challenges that will allow the whizzes at engineering to show off by going for the hard challenges. There are plenty of challenges to keep the novice involved as well. 

The equipment is all designed so that you require no prior knowledge to complete them.



Help Inspire Children in Science and Engineering
In 2018 we are running over 280 events at schools throughout New Zealand. The added bonus of choosing the EPro8 Challenge as a team building event is that these adult events help us cover the cost of running the school events. 


Pricing and more details

For an event with 48 participants, the cost is $97.50 excl GST per participant.  

For more details please contact email