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EPro8 Challenge

2020 EPro8 Challenge Format

Due to travel restrictions, loss of sponsors and a cautious mood at schools, this year's season will follow a different (and potentially better) format for year 5-6 and year 7-8 events in the following regions:

 ● Taranaki● Canterbury● Otago 
 ● Whanganui / Manawatu● Bay of Plenty● Waikato 
 ● Wellington● Auckland  

Depending on how the year develops, we may also use this format for other regions.

In term 3, teams will be given a challenge that they will undertake within their own school using their school's own set of EPro8 equipment.  This means students won't need to travel to other schools.  They also have the flexibility for when to work on their challenge.

Teams have "unlimited" time, but limited resources, to complete the challenge.  They will only be able to use the equipment in their EPro8 school kit plus extra consumables to a maximum value of $20.

Teams solutions will be submitted via:
- A video showing their solution
- A team photo featuring their build
- A one page report describing their solution
- A table showing the cost of any extra parts they have used

There will be clear criteria for how we will judge the entries.

We will award a trophy to the top team in each town or district.  For example there will be a top Levin team and a top Lower Hutt team.

The top teams from each town or district will qualify for a regional semifinal and grand final.

If we are in Alert Level 1 by the end of term 3, then we will do a tour of the country running semifinals and grand finals that will follow our traditional format.

The other good news is that since our costs for this format are much lower, the entry fee will also be much lower.  The entry fee will only be $30 per team - (which is the deposit that schools have already been invoiced for their 2020 registrations).  This lower price means you can enter more teams.  There will be a separate charge for the finals.

If you haven't ordered your own EPro8 school equipment, the $1,100 per school subsidy is still available.  For details of the equipment click here.

We will send more details, including dates and how to register more teams in a couple of weeks.